LPU Summit Day 1 MFR Event in TX


Hey everyone,
Just wondering who is planning on doing both days for the LPU Summit? I plan on doing both.

Day 1: Music for Relief activity in the morning and LPU Meetups at night.
Day 2: LPU Summit at the woodlands

Anyone outside of Texas doing this? I’m so excited but don’t see much excitement on LPU itself…so if anyone is going to either thing on day 1, let’s get some excitement going it’s next week already!

  • Ana


Have fun! If I had the money I’d probably grab some company and drive on up! Or well… over. LMAO


I wish I could do both days but I have to work on the 4th… but I can’t wait for the summit and the show! Going to be amazing!!!


too bad Lisa :< wish you could come :confused:

aww cool, are you going to the meetups as well? :smiley:


No MFR, but I’ll be there for the meet up at hard rock! If you’re in Herman Park around 7:30 then you might see me on the train going to work haha.


I’ll see you at the hard rock then :smiley: sorta dreading the traffic going to houston though lol.