Lpu summit flag


This is to create some ideas, concepts for a flag to either hold up at the show, or to sign and give to LP at the summit and maybe they would put it on the stage, I did this one quick design, share your ideas, we can get it made pretty cheap on fabric, this one for example, we could all sign it with white markers in the black areas and give it to them, but just an example, sample etc. Lets get thinking and do something sick.

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This one runs about 120 bux and ist 36 by 60. We can do bigger, split the cost up by a few people it can get down to 15 or so bux a person, pretty cheap. Lets come up with some ideas, or if anyone else can also get it done and cheaper thats awesome as well.

Product: Flags
Size: 36" x 60"
Part number: 366013
Unit Price: 126.08 Draft Price: 126.08


It is a cool design but I think the design should be more based around the Summit and the LPU. Just my opinion though. I’ll make a design or two within the next couple of days and post it soon. My last day of finals is this Tuesday so after that I will be free.


Yeah thats true, and we can do custom art, if someone is really good. This iis more LPU BASED, just a quick one.

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I think I’ll get in on this as well. This is a fun projekt


[quote=LP13413]This is a fun projekt


Here’s one I just quickly came up with


So this one is going with what the flag place i visited recommended. its quickly done and slightly horrible and basic.


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And like I said I can easily have it done at a place close to me as soon as we have a final design concept.


this flag is sick … need more work on it to get more rockeeee


I cant see it yet at work, yeah lets all pitch in on concepts and ideas to get one made. I think we want to keep an area so we can all sign it, but really that is the only requirement, that and I agree LPU 11 somewhere, maybe Camden NJ or LPU SUMMIT, and somewhere to put our signatures to give to the band at the summit. I think they will put it on one of the tables for display and would appreciate it.


I’m thinking we keep it simple with the actual graphics to keep costs down a bit. But we can have the actual background of the flag/ banner white so if there are any artists among those people signing they can draw their own artwork with sharpie or whatever.


Here’s another one I came up with. I can still add little stuff here and there and maybe add effects to the text. Sorry its kinda big.


this flag is amazing!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Fantastic!!!


[quote=Holden]Here’s another one I came up with. I can still add little stuff here and there and maybe add effects to the text. Sorry its kinda big.


Let me see if I can upload that image to the flag making company, see if it confirms it, accepts it and the price for the more complex. I think J Callahans place will charge a lot to do the more complex flag that Holden posted, which I like as well, so we might be better off ordering it online, let me price it real quick and holden see what they would charge you for something like what Holden posted so we can compare costs.


Ok for HOLDENS flag, and with a size of 36 inches by 60 inches its $126 plus shipping, which isnt expensive. Larger, 52 inches by 72 inches is much larger and is $178 plus shipping. Height is the major difference and more of a square flag. See what other pricing you can possibly get with this high of detail flag. The black design I uploaded I think will be inexpensive for J Callahans local option, but with the higher definition and more detailed options of HOLDENS design, we probably need to go mass production online shipping and below is the pricing for HOLDENS design shipped. Going this route the company provides this type of fabric and flag. AND HOLDEN, what we want is a VERY HIGH RESOLUTION FINAL COPY so its not pixelated with the size flag were doing, so based on the size we would want to make that final image a higher resolution so it looks really sharp.

Dye Sublimation
Includes Hems & Grommets
Full Digital Printed

Product: Flags (Mirror Image)
Size: 52" x 72"
Part number: 527213
Unit Price: 178.14 Draft Price: 178.14

Product: Flags (Mirror Image)
Size: 36" x 60"
Part number: 366013
Unit Price: 126.08 Draft Price: 126.08


Thanks guys! I didn’t make the background image however. I download the background picture as a wallpaper awhile back. To make the flag I added the Hybrid Theory Soldier on top, the LPU 11 logo on the bottom left, the Linkin Park symbols on the middle right, and the text on the bottom all in photoshop.

I think the photo that I posted is the highest resolution I could probably get. When I saved the image to a .jpg format in photoshop I chose the highest quality.


Yeah Holden, thats where I have seen all the pics from online that were included in the flag. That is the problem making it like this, and not as an artist is we are stuck with the resolution of the pictures were dowlnloading and then putting them in the size of the design, then digitally will be making it larger with the flag. So starting with high resolution photos would be best. Wallpaper, the main background im sure we can get high resolution, then the clip art type photos, logos we have to get at highest resolution as we can, then save the entire format as high as we can. Might work out fine how it is. What was the final resolution?


All the pictures I used were large high quality photos with the exception of the symbols one but since it is pretty small it probably won’t make a big of a difference anyways. When I saved it I made sure everything was at the highest settings and maxed everything out. It’s a pretty big file size for a picture being at 908 KB. It’s dimensions are 1000 x 750. Not to sure were to check the resolution of it though.


Or something more basic to sign with white markers by everyone.

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