LPU Summit in Paris


Hello to all LPUers. First I apologize for my English pretty average, a good French is not
a good translator in English! Chester has shown us quite well in mimicking the LPTV XD! (traduction google :s )

I just tell you about a petition that I created there are quite a few months and I already gathered 120 members on facebook. Thanks also for fats LPlive advertising of the petition. It is always nice to be supported between fans. Many petitions for a turn LPU Summit, but At present I have never seen a petition for France. I just post to ask the supports. The fans that gathers and I wish LPU Summit in Paris and especially at Bercy. Bercy is the largest concert hall in France and the last concert in Paris was attended by more of 16,000 fans. I do not doubt the success of such an event if an LPU Summit was held in Paris. The Capital is readily available for other countries (Eurostar to London, Thalys to Belgium Germany & Switzerland, Italy is also close to being as well as Spain). It is also not the French community is lacking to meet other fans around the world as evidenced by site http://www.linkinpark.fr/ which brings together thousands of French fans. We’d love to share our experiences with the fans in the world! I have also participated in the Music For Relief at the concert Arras and it is not available tasks is missing. It would be interesting to discover things such as helping the Red Cross to help the homeless, participating in tree planting, participate in the construction of low income housing, etc… Clearly provide valuable assistance to those in need or to participate to help the environment well below that of the wing at the moment.

Link LPU Summit in Paris > https://www.facebook.com/groups/LPUSummitParis/

I hope I can count on the support of all and I apologize for my English.


I agree with you, but first of all, come to Paris in July, it’s without the band but still… ^^


A Summit in Bercy would be perfect for me since i live in Italy and so it is pretty close!
i asked to join the group just now :stuck_out_tongue:


a summit in Paris would be awsome!!! i


well. i would say DO IT. But im more convinced that they would do one in east europe or west coast US


sounds like a plan :slight_smile:


Paris would be a great choice. Finland should be the site of some summits too :D.


absolutly agreed with that !!! Linkin park summit en france serait le top !!!