LPU Summit NJ


Help Please! I was able to get a pass for the upcoming LP Summit in NJ. The issue is that the pass is for my 11 year old son. LP is his favorite band in the world. He will be attending his first LP concert in August in VA, we had tickets to the DC show but it got cancelled. I am wondering if I will be able to escort him since he is only 11 years old. If anybody can point me in the right direction on who I need to ask I would greatly appreciate it. I am a LPU Plus member and therefore I was only entitled to one pass. I was willing to purchase an additional pass but they were gone within minutes. I hope I can escort him since he is a minor so that he can meet the band I can record it for him. Please, need help with this!


I would just contact Adam to see if you can attend with your son.


Our show was cancelled as well in DC at verizon center, myself and my daughter. I got a LP underground account for myself and my daughter because you could only get one summit pass per account and I fortunately got two passes one for each of us, that was a big worry that I couldnt get us both in. Since she is young you might get lucky if you ask adam or check craigslist or ebay and maybe someone will sell another pass, that is another possibility. Good luck and will see you there.


I think he would need a pass, as for buying a pass your name has to be on it when you order it so i don’t think that is possible either.


The summit is pretty much the ultimate fan experience, and should be consider “sacred”. This is not just a bring the kids and family for a day out, this is for life long fans to show their respect and appreciation for what these artist have done for over a decade. It really gets me that there are some people who are bringing 2-3+ kids because they signed up for all these accounts, but there are people like me, 25, who are willing to go by ourselves, and have had no luck. Kids are in aw, but and will always remember it, but they haven’t grown with the music, used it to fall back on in hard times, etc. Your kid was pretty much in the womb or close to when Hybrid Theory came out…just saying…


Ok easy there. He was just doing a nice thing for his son. As I’m sure the other people were doing for their children.


0K! Thanks for all the feedback. I spoken to LPU Suport and have received emails confirming that I will be able to escort my son. In response to Anth, the Summit is a family day out - a LPU Family! I have been a fan and supporter since the beginning. I am 45 and attend concerts all the time. In this day and age of “Bubble Gum/Mall Music” it is refreshing to still have bands together touring, making music and satisfying their fans. LP is the one band that is “His Band” like Rush, Van Halen, U2 and so on is to me “My Bands” On day he too may encounter hard times and music will pull him through, but until then we will continue to enjoy LP together and wherever. Thanks!


Hey, I bought a LPU11 membership, and I did receive my membership package with my laminate, however I will be travelling from a different state than my home where I left it, I did not realize I would need it for early entrance to the show. My laminate is in PA and I am currently in North Carolina, and I have no way of getting to PA. Is there anyway I could get a new one shipped to me to NC before the show? I have my summit ticket and my show ticket, I don’t know if it’s possible to have one there for me at will call that I could show my ID for, or prove there that I have my laminate with my summit ticket since you can only get that with a membership. Any and all help you can give me would be most appreciated. Thanks!