Lpu summit not included in lpu13?


So I noticed in the offers for this years membership it was highlighted that LPU summit passes will be sold separately, does this really mean that if there was a summit organised in an appropriate location for us, we would have to purchase an additional pass to attend, and not be covered by our yearly membership?


I also noticed this, Carolina, but as far as I understand, we were paying some extra for the LPU12 Plus Pass for it to include the Summit Pass.

This is more convenient for people who live far away so they don’t waste money on the Summit that they are never going to visit. But I guess that all the rest will have to pay the full price to enter the Summit. :frowning:


Really sucks and makes no sense if you buy the all-in-one package that you wouldn’t get the Summit Pass but whatever. I doubt there will be a Summit in my area this year anyways.