LPU Summit passes


Just to be clear, we get the passes upon arrival of the Summit correct?


At check-in. Yes.


Anyone receive info yet about the Summit in Darien Lake. It’s in 4 days. Want to know what activity. Hopefully walking the stage which we did not get in Camden NJ.


I would think it’d be the same deal as Camden. Incubus was already setup beforehand then, and I would assume the same for Thirty Seconds To Mars this year.

I wonder when they’re planning on releasing the itinerary for the Summit. Seeing as how everything they’re doing always seems to be last-minute, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the info the night before.

They have a day off today, so I’m hoping they would get around to letting us know, preferably sometime soon. I’m leaving for the Darien Lake campgrounds on Tuesday afternoon, and I want to make sure I have everything I need before I head out,

Linkin Park HQ needs to learn time management a little better methinks.


Does anyone know what time the summit starts?


I’m staying at the Darien Lake Hotel. How early can we pick up summit tickets at will call?


Back in 2012 for Camden, we had received schedule 9 days before the Summit. We are now 3 days before and still nothing. We are really last minute. Don’t know if it is becoming less of an “event”. Not sold out this year as opposed to selling out in hours in years prior. Even on here, I feel less of a buzz. Can’t wait to see how the day goes.


I hate how they wait until last-minute as well but that is always quickly forgotten once I get to finally meet them. Haha. Maybe they’re just planning something really special for this one? (wishful thinking, I know)


Yeah this not knowing what time it starts thing is really worrying me. haha I need to know!