LPU summits discussion


I was one of the lucky LPU members who went to the 6th summit in Camden! It was my first one & I’ve met so many people even after I attended it. The next summit would be the LPU’s big one… NUMBER 10! Some of you have gone to multiple & some have gone to zero. Everyone has their thoughts about them so I thought it would be fun to discuss.

If you’ve attended what are your thoughts about the summits? Likes? Dislikes? Anything you would change or keep? Anything you think would be cool to do at a summit?

If you haven’t attended one what are you looking forward to the most?

Since a lot of people travel would it be a good idea for the summits to be a 2 day affair with the first day basically interacting with each other & then day 2 to be about the band, Q&A, stage tour, etc?

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s discussion!


i haven’t attended yet, I just watched some video about it. I saw in one video (i don’t know if I understood right) that you need to choose if you want to do a backstage tour or go to stage to see and play with the instruments. Is it true? If you need to choose, i think is sooo bad, because everyone want to do both!

About you idea, I think it is a good idea do a day to interact with other LPUers. They could do a LPU Meetup in the first day, and then a LPU Summit.


Each summit activities are different. During the Camden summit, LP was headlining with incubus so there was no stage tour so the choices were between backstage tour or bus tour!

One of the raffle prizes have included backstage tour led by mike and Phoenix!

I think meetups would be good and most likely to happen day before a summit but I think a full day of activities would be really interesting!


Are there really people, who have dislikes at summits? Can’t imagine haha :slight_smile:

If I could go once, a meeting with the band with an Q&A would be wish no.1 . And a sound check would be great too. Also a backstage tour would be awesome! I saw that video, where Mike guided the fans through different rooms and explained everything. That was really special!


Oh, this thread is really interesting!

I’ve never been in a Summit but I’m feeling it’s gonna happen this year. XD Looking forward to meet lots of people! And I have so many questions to be answered by the band. lol Can’t wait, can’t wait!


I have never been to summit before and if I had the chance I’d be a very lucky fan!

Anyway, things that I’m looking forward to include meeting other LPUers I think it’ll be awesome to meet other fans and talk to them and make new friendships and for sure meeting the band!


Planning on going to the one in Darien this year, pretty excited, will be my first Summit.