LPU underground membership never sent the code OML pre order


I preordered the new album One more light( bundle) and I never received my membership code for lpu. I tried contacting them 2 times thru the site and i have gotten no responses. does anyone know how to contact them other then that request form? i usually get an email with the code to redeem but i didn’t this time around. i did the confirmation email and recites though for my order. thanks


Just to double check, you didn’t receive it in your spam folder or something similar? The exact email title is “Redeem Your LPU Membership” for reference.

The LPU support email is LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM if you didn’t try to reach them that way yet


Thank you for the reply . I did check all of my folders . I sent a email today so I’ll see what they say thanks

Update : they took care of it and added 12 months :wink:


Glad things got corrected!


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