LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


With great love to Mike and all the guys

If you share it please use hashtags #LPUtoMikeShinoda, #WEARELPU and #HappyBirthdayMikeShinoda

What are you doing right now?
The Unity Of Us: Demons in my head
The MICRO - MACRO game
Last Letter game vol II
Last Letter game vol II

Very nice idea Nick! I’ll probably do a photo, but I’ll let you know when I have it


Nice idea!same as @rickvanmeijel I’ll probably do some paper stuff… have to think well of what to say… :thinking:


Brilliant Nick! Thank you for doing this! I will send you a picture as well at some point before the 10th of Feb!


I would love to do it but I would have to do it the paper way and I would really need think about what to say


an amazing idea .


Awesome idea! :smiley:


Great idea! I’ll write some words with my best friend @ines_chenne. I’ll send it to you on Twitter :blush:


I’m down! Just recorded something, and am preparing to send it.


Good to hear! Tag me when you send it


Found the thread rn- proud on you bro- you are awesome :clap:t2:- I am in as you already know- no idea what I will do- but I will let you know …


I am trying to write this right Now but I am having trouble coming up with the right words to say


I’m in as well. I have to think of something to say. This is an awesome idea, thanks for doing it.


Here it is. I have it unlisted but the link should take you to it.


Alright, thank you for contributing! You’re the first one !
Can I ask you to send the file to egopancake@gmail.com please ? It would be much easier for me to work with it ! Thank you


PLEASE NOTE important rule added


I’ll try, but my email provider has a 25MB file size limit. Perhaps google drive will allow larger.


Guys, it has begun
I did an ambient soundtrack for the vid, now i’ve started putting the materials i’ve got together


Hey @NickGr :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll send mine soon. I’ll be here maybe tmro or Tuesday night. Just came to inform you. Thanks @lpfan61 for telling he about this!

Hugs all! Sending positive vibes till i be back! :sunny::sunny::sparkles::heart::heart::sparkles::sparkles::hugs::hugs::hugs:


I’m sending mine tomorrow!

Edit: sent an email to you @NickGr :slight_smile: