LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


Thank you soo much ! :blush::blush:
Yep, your right ! Maybe you can put just my text and the last photo with the bird in front of the sky ? Or will this be too much ?

I’m from France !

Guess A Soldier

I’ve already tried that out – to be honest, it doesn’t look too good if theres one after other. And if i put one over other the text wouldn’t be readable. Sorry – but i’ll do something else with it – not telling yet, it’s a secret lol


Alright ! Thank you very much anyway !! :grin::smiley:


Sorry, I might be late. I was so busy getting ready to go to college. I’ll do a quick sketch and send it


Slightly more than an hour left!!!
@acemasters, are you in?


I’m sorry. I’ll definitely miss the deadline :confused: . I’m too much of a perfectionist. I’ll send it late anyway ( better late than never )


sorry, but i can’t move the deadline no longer. Seems that you definitely missed the opportunity ( shhhh… i’m giving you a chance. You’ve got half an hour)


Ah damn i forgot and been at work


Sorry but that’s it – it’s closed. Maybe next time, on Chester’s bday (gotta think up something different)


Yeah, ive been all over the place this week
Yeah im in for that one


I’ll do one for chaz’s b day too then


Here’s my rough drawing


this is great @titan2025


man, you’re just awesome
i’ll grab it, okay?)))


Thanks. Its really rough though. Had to finish it quick

:grin: yay


this work of your is already saved up for the next vid – can’t miss it
in 2 hours or so ( midnight) i am publishing the video here


i can’t wait see it


Yaaaaay!!!can’t wait to see it!!! :sun_with_face: :tada: :sun_with_face: yaay!


Same, I can’t wait :heart_eyes:


:heartpulse::dancer:t2::tada::heart:️ no words left :hugs: