LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


@NickGr it’s beautiful! Thank you so much for doing this! And everyone who participated, you guys have done an amazing job! Well done!


Thanks so much for all your efforts @NickGr, it is wonderful. Very proud to be apart of this and so excited to share it with @zenataylor :heart_eyes:


Thank you NickGr for doing such a fantastic job, the video is wonderful. So happy to be part of it. <3
Thanks for letting me know about it @moocho.


The video has more than 200 views already! It’s doing great

EDIT: LPLive has retweeted the video!


Wooowww!! :heart_eyes: :smiley:


Really? cool !


Yaaaaayyyy!! :sun_with_face: :heart_eyes:


Awesome job @NickGr !! Are you also on Instagram and what is your username? I wanted to post a picture of Mike of one of the concerts I went wishing him a happy birthday and I wanted to refer to the vid you made. Everyone else on the vid can give their account too so I can tag you guys


Maybe we will see tomorrow if Mike have seen it or not. :crossed_fingers::pray:
I’m like spamming the video on twitter. :joy:


Yaaaay - sooo cool :tada:


My Insta name is the same name as I use here :slight_smile:




The vid is great dude, well made. Great to see so many more people participated. Very great you guys, all of you. But @NickGr…Why you misspelled my name though?



I’ve asked Pat and she said it’s a correct variant :see_no_evil:


:joy: - remember?!! I said it’s @gatsie :stuck_out_tongue:- but yeah- he asked me what your first name is- and it seems that I made @spellingmistake?! (:kissing_heart:) sorry sis!

Btw- I shared the vid again today :grin:


I will share it again when he is online as well!


I woke up in the middle of the night, he was luckily on :grinning:- and I tagged Anna too, and good morning @AJ_7 :heart::hugs: :sunny:


I woke up this morning with a bunch of his notifications! Hopefully I catch him today! Good morning to you too @theearlywalker!


:crossed_fingers:t2: - yeah! But they suppose him twittering about VK.com as hack again :joy:- I guess it was him :+1:t2: