LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


me too, his IG is broken and someone’s promoting an acc through it


Shared it on discord too :grinning:


Maybe, we can share it in a post of Phoenix or Joe because this video is also for them. (and Brad and Rob aren’t active on social media)

We will be sucessful! :muscle::kissing_heart:


I’ve been sharing as well. Hope they’ll eventually see it :blush:


I shared on Twitter, fingers crossed!


My name is Gatsie on here, why not use that name? Oh well, this way I’m anonymous also because of misspelling my name. Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Guys? Somehow I was marked on a tweet about Chaz and lp from a radiostation in Madrid twice yesterday :tada: and I took the opportunity to retweet and add our vid in my retweet- so I hope it will get a greater public with it


I just sent it to Mike again…I saw him like something and I quickly sent it :joy:

And congrats @theearlywalker on being mentioned on the radio station


I just sent it to Mike, Anna, Talinda, Joe, and Dave. Is that too much? :joy: :thinking:


Could it ever be too much??? :thinking: nope- no, I don’t think so! :grin:


Mike is on twitter rn lets bomb him with our vid!!!


I already sent it again as soon as I saw him online!


He saw my tweet! He liked it! Sorry for the blackouts…not sure who wants people to see their handle so I blacked it out


Yaaaaay- he saw it- yay yay yay :man_dancing::dizzy::boom::unicorn::two_hearts::raised_hands:t2::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heart:️:tada::star2::lollipop::fire::coffee:️:man_dancing::two_hearts::unicorn::dizzy::man_dancing:- HE SAW IT :heart_eyes: great job @AJ_7


That’s so cool!! Thank youuuu :heart_eyes::tada::clinking_glasses:


:grinning: :unicorn: :lollipop: :purple_heart: :blue_heart: :joy: :smiley: :star_struck: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sunglasses: YES!!!


It’s @NickGr We should all be thanking! Thank you so much for making this video!


Absolutely- a masterpiece bro :heart_eyes:
@NickGr :medal_sports:


Thank you @NickGr for making such a wonderful masterpiece! :blue_heart: :grinning:


Thank you, @NickGr! Love you all!