LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


I can’t say I’ve ever used Google Drive before, but I just sent my file that way. Hopefully it worked this time.


Email came, lemme check if the file opens
UPD: All fine, thank you for participating!


sorry about that my phone takes horrible pictures but I try and get a good one for you but here is poem for Mike and if you have any suggestions to make it better please let me know


That is sooo awessoomee writing!


thank you do think Mike will like it because that is what matters @Honey8


Very nice indeed!

@NickGr how the progress on the video going?


do you think mike will like it @rickvanmeijel


I think he will! That is if he sees our video :sweat_smile:
We’re gonna have to do a lot of sharing on social media to get this video around


I’ve done my part today, gonna get it in the vid later :slight_smile:


Nice! Looking forward to the final version


Ask me, it will be amazing-I feel it :blush:


what do you guys think of the letter? @theearlywalker @turners34


and of course my completed drawing


That was beautiful @chigokurosaki


Thank you :laughing:


It very heartly writen and I love the quote at the end, only thing is that the upper right side is hard to read … great you made it @chigokurosaki :+1:t2:


Agreed with this…have to take a better pic… :wink:

The letter is really beautiful! Really appreciate your words and the quote at the end! :heart_eyes:


When „traumatic“ and „depression“ become one


Way better than what I can do :joy: :+1: