LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


haahahaha- ya so cool bro :hugs:


Since y’all are sharing your pictures, I though I’d be sharing mine as well:


This is mine:


Well, since everybody’s sharing their submissions…


Full side

First part:

Second one:

Last one:


Brilliant work everyone! Just wondering if I should change mine, because mine is specifically addressed to Mike? @NickGr, what do you think?


No, your message is awesome, i think! If you’ve got the inspiration and want to change it – i don’t mind, just inform me and send me the pic!
Btw – received a couple of emails today, will be working on the vid later


You got my email for this right?


I did, and got your pics lol


Just making sure. Lol


Only 5 days left till the deadline!


Thanks for doing this @NickGr, just emailed through my photo (Renae, Sydney Australia)


Oh I lam from Canton Ohio USA


I’m trying to think of what to send. But there’s just no inspiration.


Just find something that you have interest in, and maybe somehow combine it with making something.


Well… Thanks for the tip. Can’t think of anything though.


I got my inspiration from listening to the EP and writing exactly what I feel @gatsie I’m sure something will come to you


It’s a great EP and I love listening to it. I think it’s so good you guys can find something creative to do with it.

The only thing I’ve been thinking of to do, is recording a “response” to the one of the songs on the EP, but I hardly have any time for that. Plus it wouldn’t fit with the rest of what you guys are making. So…

Guess it’ll come later like you said. Or… Maybe it’s just not for me this time. We’ll see…


Mine was also just to Mike, nothing creative, just a picture of me holding the paper! I am sure you will get something :slight_smile: you still have time!


Mine also won’t be anything too special. A picture of the paper with my little message. I thought about doing a photo shop thing and putting the message over a pic of my tattoo but, thought that maybe a little much. There’s still a few days. Hopefully you’ll get something!