LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


Up at 7 for a 9am lab session.


@NickGr I WA’d you my pic.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t get my handwriting to be any good. I came over all philosophical for some reason, that doesn’t happen very often, if at all.


That’s why i made a video :joy:


haha my handwritting didn’t come out much better.


That’s why I had to type mine


Your handwriting is great too! :kissing_heart:


Came here after a few days and yeah… :heart_eyes:, that’s such a great progress and common sense growing with your project @NickGr - and I love your contributions - all of them :heart_eyes: - we are a great bunch


Ok, since everybody’s sharing the works…here’s mine :blush: :see_no_evil:


Alright - me ready too


Awesome, but the pic seems a little blurry.


Thanx- will do a propper one for Nick :blush:


Way better than mine. :joy: :+1: :blue_heart:


Diverse- but sure not better :blush: I am just a colour freak :joy::joy:


Same here at times :joy:


Awww - yeah, can imagine! Let it flow :cyclone:


That’s friggin awesome :grin: I love the pics!


Thanx :blush:- you guys make me blush rn :see_no_evil:


Still curious to see what Mike would think of the pic of him in the shirt. :laughing:


Creative work @theearlywalker and @lpfan61! I like it


Thank you!!! :hugs: :blush: