LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


All these creations are awesome! Good job everyone! :heart_eyes:


@NickGr sent mine through email bud

Good morning Eurasian side and good night to the Americas :sleeping:


I get the biggest smile on my face seeing this thread.


Everyone who’s participating does a great job! Also a reminder for everyone
The deadline is TOMORROW, 16:00 GMT

UPD: @framos1792 and @theearlywalker, your pics are in the vid


Damaged the paper again (where the eyes are). The eyes are no most difficult to draw, so I tried drawing close-eyed him. Okay admittedly the facial hair is also bad.

So now Mike looks like Genghis Shinoda/ (Japanese) Emperor Shinoda, due to the stereotypical looking eyes it ended up appears as.


Well… This is all I could think of… There you go.



I think you’re holding back. You need a pic of your shrine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:. That was a bit cruel, sorry.


LOL no I will not share a picture of the basement.


You have an effigy of him don’t you? :joy:


You guys :joy:





Hahaha - great :joy:



Send you a picture, ‘cause I’m really bad with words


if anyone is interested in taking credit for this (yes I’m being serious) they can take it. I know its not as good as the other one I did, but this was last minute, and not well thought out. But anyway, here you go. @turners34 and here is your sneak peak @theearlywalker :joy: :joy:


@NickGr Here is my little messiage, better late than never…


Great you made it in time darling - very touchy :tada::muscle:t2::heart_eyes::purple_heart:


@spellingmistake, pls email me your city/country to egopancake@gmail.com

@gatsie, maybe you take the credit for this?


Thanks :slight_smile: i had an easy morning so maxe it just on time :slight_smile:


@samuel_the_leader, is this image of Mike (VID logo style @jabinquaken) your contribution? nothing else?)