LPU video for the band and Mike - OUT NOW


Sorry @NickGr, I’m very late, but can I still send my contribution tonight ? Or is it too late ? :frowning:


depends on what means “tonight” for you lol. 16:00 GMT is 21:00 here and by 22 local time i should set the vid for uploading, as it will take gazillions of hours, just to be sure it will be published on Mike’s birthday


Well it’s almost 10 AM GMT if I’m not mistaken, so I should be good ! I think it’ll be done in 2 or 3 hours !
(I’ll be the last one to give you something, and what I did is just sooo lame compared to what other people did :joy:)


Don’t say that It’s going to be great @Mel_4


That’s a bit harsh I think. I could imagine you as motivational speaker. :joy:


Aww thanks @the_termin8r and your very close I want to a counselor


That joke went right over your head. :stuck_out_tongue: Read the post that I quoted before. :joy:


Ok now I see it lol


You’re missing either a comma or a “not” :stuck_out_tongue:


Please note
Only 3 hours left till the deadline!


Thank you for everything that you do to make this video possible! This is truly amazing! :two_hearts:
This time I’m not able to do something,but I hope I can be a part of the next project - If there will be one…


Otherwise nobody would know that’s Mike.


Maybe… remember , there’s also Chester’s birthday


There is always the other I did if you want to take credit. :joy:


Great pictures and words guys! This is gonna be great


@NickGr, I just have a slight problem with what I want to do :sweat_smile:
If I send you multiple photos, would you mind putting them together ? Like, creating a “slide” or a video with them, by simply putting them one after the other ? (Don’t worry, there are only 10 photos - I’m not sending a whole album).
I can’t do it properly because of my computer :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::disappointed: (In fact, that’s what taking me so long :sweat_smile:)

I’m so sorry to ask you that 3 hours before the deadline ! :see_no_evil:

If it’s not possible, there’s what I made :


You know, i’ll make it a few pics with Ken Burns effect – it’s gonna be like floating from one part of your message to another, Is that okay?


Thank you ! If you want ! I don’t really mind, I don’t want to bother you !

My original idea was to take photos of my message being folded then attached to a paper crane, like it’s flying to Mike…
Ok I’m terrible at explaining :joy: Here’s what I mean :


Love the idea! So creative ! :heart_eyes:


That’s amazing! but to be quite honest – we won’t make it in time! the vid is already huge and it will take it a lloooooooooooooong time to upload. If it’s gonna be that bigger – we won’t make it in time for Mike’s bday. But I adore the idea – maybe you share this in social media ?

And one more thing – please tell me where are you from , you can email me if you don’t want to share it here , on forums