LPU While at work


So anyone else like me just now on LPU or listening to LP while working? [smile]


I check in a couple times a day.


I work washing dishes, so that might ruin my phone. At school I check it a lot


I’m back to checking almost daily…methinks.


Hello guess who is backkkkk


Definitely! [smile]


[quote=Darknessovrme]Hello guess who is backkkkk


Hey all, yeah i check in when im at work, passes the time haha


Yes, of course! And from time to time a watch a LP show beside my work (or vice versa) haha… :smiley:


Havent tried it, but my coworkers will watch Hearthstone matches while working so i could pull it off. I like to focus though. That would be something to do in the downtime.


I just renewed my subscription
But I mean check out this a lot I’m just not doing anything at work because there is nothing to do
So instead of watching TV series, go to sleep or just playing on the computer, I can enter here


I do!! ITS SO COOL i have a LPsongs playlist(which has ony full songs with lyrics from the 5Albums and a few remixes +some LPU as well) for some reason it irritates me to listen to the rest of the songs at work(live LPU and Remixes). i love listening to it at home though lol…oh and i don’t check LPU during cause i don’t have the time for it, but i prob would if i could.