Lpu xiv is awesome!


Dude, that design of the 14th year of the LPU is so awesome! Congratulations for James Jean, its all wonderful, I’ll ty to buy the complete package, a t-shirt and the coolest hat from GUILTY ALL THE SAME!!


It’s different but it’s cool!


I’m really liking the new LPU package this year. Still a bit expensive, but 10$ cheaper than last year which is cool. I’m still getting used to the LPU being joined with the actual Linkin Park website.

The artwork for THP and LPU XIV is probably my favourite since the Hybrid Theory and Meteora era.


i’m still a little bit confused :smiley: But i like it.
But where is the “account” button?


go to linkinpark.com/account


i know the link. but its nowhere on the site.


Doesn’t exist yet , I assume… I’ve spent like 30 minutes looking for it


I guess the good thing about being new to LPU is being unfamiliar with the layout just like everyone else. I’m still getting a hang of everything.


I can not find it either. :smiley:
I enter following into the address bar: linikinpark.com/account


I haven’t seen that you already answered. :wink:


Love the new design and get slowly in everything ^^


In my opinion the 50$ package in its entirely is the best ever! So this is the first time I bought the full package and not only the CD.


My kind of taste is exactly the other way, renewed only my membership, with digital download of the CD this time, for the first time, since 2011 xD