LPU XIV Merch Bundle - only for LPU XIV memberships?


Hi, I’m new to LPU and I have an active LPU13 Membership until December 2015. That’s until the end of next year!

In the LPU Store I can buy the LPU XIV CD or the LPU XIV Laminate. But why am I unable to buy the LPU XIV Merchandise Bundle?
Do I really have to buy a membership AGAIN in order to buy the “new stuff”? Would be very annoying.

Could someone explain this to me who is a long-term LPU member? Thanks in advance…


I have no answer for you, but I would try the link again


You link to the complete bundle including membership. But, I’m just interested in the Merchandise Bundle


I just tried the package-only link and got denied. Apparently, I “need a membership” to buy said package, so I guess you’d be renewing again either way.


Yes, and here my frustration comes into play.
I have paid for a one-year LPU membership recently. I personally don’t care which “version” I paid for and which “version” is the most up-to-date one.
When selling one-year memberships I as a customer don’t get the reason why I have to pay for another year just because of a new major release. That’d be 20 bucks for the trash.

When the store page is telling me, that I need a membership first, although I currently are a valid member, the store is bad programmed. Just my two cents…


The merch only pack is for those that wanted to purchase it seperately along with a digital membership. If you really don’t care aboutgetting the LPU 13 or 14 package then why are you so frustrated? Besides, if you want the LPU14 cd, just go in the store and buy that one or simply wait a couple of months. They tend to add the merch to the store after a while and sell them seperately.


I joined LPU with a LPU13 Digital Membership just a few days before LPU14 launched. Since I’m new I did not know better at that time.

Now since LPU14 has launched I am unable to buy the LPU14 Merch Package, because I am a LPU13 member. That fact is what annoys me. I am a member, but the same time I am not.

I do not understand why I should invest money for a NEW digital membership when I did so just a few days too early. :frowning:


You are a member either you have an LPU13 or 14 membership. Like I said, you don’t have to buy another membership, just be a little patient. They’ll add the 14 items seperately in the coming months. They always do.


ok, thank you. :blush:


You can Buy the LPU XIV Bundle, maybe your credit card isn’t good, i have this problem for 10 minuts and the problem is my credit card in billing… good luck guys!!!


I have the exact same problem and I joined in June, did not had any problems with my creditcard, I just get directed back when I click the page to buy the merchandise package only, too bad.


It would make sense that the merch bundle is only for members of LPU 14, like if you bought the digital only package and upgraded