LPU XIV Package Acquired


I received my package today, I think early, too! Anyone else get theirs? Post your pictures, too!

Laminate and Lanyard

You can’t see it in the picture, but moving around the front shows the horse knight guy, pretty cool!


I ordered a size bigger than the last 2 years they had shirts this year, since the others didn’t fit to well. Hopefully this one does.

Stickers, Guitar Pic, and Letter

I thought I should keep the letter secret for LPU members, since it is to LPU members, after all.


Not to happy about this. SUPER SMALL! I’ll get over it, but come on now.


I saw a few people claim the CD was like last year’s, not having an actual case. It does! I’m really happy about that, too.

Free Stuff

I must have been part of the first 500, since I got free stuff. My order sheet had a “5” written on it, maybe I was the 5th to order?

It’s a little annoying that I got two LPU7 keychain things, I now have four total. Might as well start a collection of them at this point, and I wasn’t even a member of LPU7.

The only thing I have actually was the marker, but I really wanted one so that’s cool. Free stuff is free stuff

Over all, good merchandise this year. I really like it! The wristband and keychains aren’t that big of a deal


Looks awesome :slight_smile: My package hasn’t arrived yet, maybe sometime next week.


The women’s shirt sizes are so messed up I’ll never be ordering another women’s t shirt. I’ll stick with the men’s. I like the package but I got the same extras that you did. I am also slightly annoyed that I got two LP7 clips. I haven’t listened to the cd yet, but I will be soon.


They really must have a ton of them. I know other things that I haven’t ordered in the past came with them, too


Yeah, I would have loved to get the lpu 10 cd instead of 11, but you get what you get. I love the sticker sheet, just have to find a place to put them :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think I’ll use my stickers. I usually don’t, the only time I did was LPU8. I always end up regretting where I put them. CD wise, I have all the LPU CDs, so either way I’d end up with doubles


If I find a place to put them it will probably be by the time lpu15 comes out lol


I think the merchandise is great! Also, thanks for the peek. Maybe you can scan the letter too hehehhe


nice merchandise, looks good!
I have a question though. What’s the use of the Laminate and lanyard ?


The Lanyard and Laminate is what will give you early entry to the shows as well as be a memorabilia item.

  • Lulu


ok, thanks for the fast response Lulu!


Woow. I live in Italy, but for my winter Holiday this year I’m visiting my grandma’s sister in Schererville, near Chicago, so I wrote her address For the shipping, and she wrote me this morning that the package arrived. I’m so excited! But, are the laminate customized? I mean, is there my name on the laminate?


Looks awesome! Can’t wait to receive mine!! :smiley:


They aren’t personalized, that would be cool, though!


Yep, it would. Thank u :wink:


Personalized Laminate seems a pretty cool idea :smile:


Maybe we can propose it to lpu’s admins. But the package would be more expensive, I guess.


Maybe 5 is the amount of free items you received. But if you are the 5th to order, congrats, you are really fast lol


doesn’t matter. free stuff rocks :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so exciting for you!!! I think your 5th… and i hope…

I wait my Package (France)