LPU XIV package arrived!


2 days before Christmas and my package arrives! I’m loving everything about it, for me the wristband fits perfectly, but the shirt is a tiny bit too small (my fault). I purchased the package on the 21st of November and I guess that’s fast shipping to Australia during Christmas time… I’m kind of hooked on the guitar pick, I don’t play any musical instrument but I love the pick. I got extra items like an LP Underground sharpie, LPU 11 CD, 2 carabiner key-chains and a earplug case. Thanks for another great year of LPU experience.


Awesome I just got mines a few days ago :slight_smile:


i´m happy for you. unfortunately my package don´t arrived. but i hope it comes tomorrow. the package would look great under the christmas tree :wink:


I got them a few days ago. Extra items I got : LPU 11 CD and LPU11 Sticker Sheet. :smile:


I received Today my Package, so happy (France)!!!