LPU XIV T-shirt sizes



First time poster (be nice to me!)

Hope you don’t mind… but I have a strange question

I’ve just bought some LPU T-shirts from Ebay… The seller sold a Medium (LPU13) and Large (LPU14)

The problem is the medium is quite spacious…(and i’m 6ft 2") which isnt a problem but the large is so tight I had to ask someone to help me get it off…

Are the t-shirts so different in size from year to year? Or have I bought a mis-sized t-shirt

Thanks in advance!!


I don’t know about the size changing each year, it seems unlikely, but aren’t there size tags inside the shirts?


The Medium still has a swing ticket in at the bottom, The large shirt says large in the back of the neck but has been worn (once according to the listing)

The medium is longer and wider (but is a more sporty/stretchy material) so i’m confused… I don’t want to complain to the Ebay seller if it’s not their fault… If I can get my phone camera working i’ll attach images,


Sorry, I don’t know, I haven’t got any LP shirts.


The reason why these 2 are so different is because 13 is actually a jersey, not a regular t-shirt.
In general though, 14 is definitely larger than all previous years. I always got a men’s M and it fit perfectly but 14’s is literally huge on me, it’s more like a dress than a tee.


Ok… This image shows the Large on top of the medium, (I did take a 2nd and 3rd show the neck sizes.but it won’t let me use more than 1)


Just measured the “Large” and it’s 18" across the chest - could someone with a LPU paid account confirm what size that corresponds to (and what size a large should be) on the LPUstore website… (I don’t have a paid account :frowning: ) - It matches to a Small on the LP Store but a Large ladies!!!

Huge thanks in advance!


Yeah, tees are men’s and women’s so maybe you just got a women’s large.


I’ve checked and it’s a ladies - had a refund.