LPU XV - What do you expect/want to see


On the occasion of receiving an emai from the HQ about the new LPU year and the survey, I think it’s time we started discussing what we would like to see in the new packages and what to expect in the new LPU year.


  • I really want a separate site again, this is not working and is so confusing, it feels like a LPUX vol 2.
  • I want the band chats to continue to be as frequent as they are now (one every one or two months). Not quite sure about VYRT yet but I definitely want to see some moderation back, the spam is too much.

As for the package, I think there’s not much left to do. We’ve had posters and flags and keychains already, I think it won’t be long till we’ll have a repeat. But it’d be cool if:

  • We got white t-shirts. No more black and grey!
  • Instead of guitar picks, maybe add one of Rob’s drumsticks in the pack. If that’s not possible, guitar picks could be from one of the guys maybe and not the usual ones with the LPU logo and art.
  • The cd; We need a Mmm…cookies 2.0
  • I think a mug would be a nice addition. Not sure how hard it’d actually be to ship them without fear of breaking them but yeah.

Share your own thoughts and suggestions below if you want! :slight_smile:

All-new LPU15, what it will be?
7th studio album announced
  • White t-shirt FTW!
  • I have dozens of guitar picks and I don’t used it lol.
  • I’m thinking about scarf like the one from MFR.
  • I love LPU flag, I hope we’ll have it again in future ^_*


• I like black tshirts, but a white one would be nice too.
• the rest of package: Rob’s/LPU drumstick is a good idea! I would love to see also a LPU beanie in package. CD, beanie, drumstick, poster, t-shirt, laminate and maybe some small items like stickers/guitar picks/keychains - yeah, that would be nice.
• LPU15 CD - more songs with vocals & more songs from MTM/ATS sessions and from 2011. LPU11 CD was perfect - 5 songs with vocals (2 previously unreleased and 3 of previously known songs [1 similar to the final version and 2 totally different]), 1 instrumental demo of known song and 4 previously unreleased instrumentals. Maybe b-sides like ATL?

Band chats are often now, it’s so great! Hope they keep it going this way.


I would really love all the things u are talking about! But I have a question (Im “new” here and today arrived my first paquet): how expensive will be to us buying the packages again? I mean, if we are LPU members yet, it wont be as expensive, no?


@purrfect A LPU bandana! Awesome idea!!

@xTirea Nice description of the cd. I love demos too (LPU 9 and 11 are my most favorite ones).

@SakuraCS Prices are always the same, we don’t get discounts next time we renew, if that’s what you’re asking.

And btw, let me just say that although I consider the full package membership pretty expensive (seeing that back in the day it only cost $27), it’s pretty cool that they’ve added more options like the digital one or the one where you can select which items you want.


I think some things for everydaylife like pens, rings (jewelery) , maybe like belt, shoelace etc
I forgot to take position on the chats on the question in the email, what we would wish, so for the chats surley it would be good so collect the questions before, that he (whoever) had a chance to anwer the most interesting ones


Haha, that’s almost how the chats used to work. I wish it was that way now still.


Just summited my survey. Lots of things to improve on & what worked.


I hope summit passes included in the membership :slight_smile:


They are, aren’t they? Or was that only with LPUX and then there was a fee?


I finally got to submitting the survey. I’d like a beanie hat in the package (I know there’s one in the store, but a LPUXV themed one would be cool). For the CD, if it’s sticking to demos, I’d either like more with lyrics or more of songs that got finished (I like seeing the work in progress of the songs). Other than that maybe an officially remastered Xero release, or some interesting like songs (like covers), not just random live songs. New or unreleased remixes might be nice, too. Also Blackbirds, still has no CD release so LPU might be a good place to put it maybe, as an extra. I personally don’t like white shirts. It doesn’t have to be black, just don’t be white. I like LPU4’s blueish shirt.

Aside from package stuff, I think it’d be cool if there was more fan stuff on the site. Something I tend to bring up a lot is on older LPU sites, there were randomly selected fan reviews of LPU on the bottom of the site to get people to want to join. Could also have like a monthly display of fan art or something, or even something like LPA’s remix contests, anything to get the site itself more active. There are so many people in the LPU, but you don’t really see them on the site often


Aaahh a beanie. Seen a lot of people want that… it’s another good idea. Blackbirds, yes! We definitely need a proper release for that one.
You mean the LPU3 shirt right? Or 14 with the bluegrey-ish color?
Speaking of site stuff that’d be cool, would you like to see the referrals contests back?

On another note, let me say that the recent chat with the pre-submitted questions was much smoothier than the previous ones (maybe cause only 60 something people were in attendance) but it is a start to making the chats better I think. I hope they stick with this for the next chats as well.


re: blackbirds - i think that was a bonus track if you ordered ATS via itunes. are you talking about a demo of it?

hops on the beanie train that would be pretty awesome!

i LOVE the LPU3 shirt! the navy blue is gorgeous!

i definitely agree the site needs to be a little more active. personally i don’t have as much time to be on the boards as i did when i first joined (#realworldproblems), but if there was something that drew me here i would be more of a regular!


Yeah, Blackbirds is on iTunes, but the quality is kinda crap. It’s 256kbps out a possible 320 in the format it’s in. CD quality is even better than that, too, and iTunes has it’s own format that is basically CD quality, so I don’t know why they don’t use it


I stated that the same at the latest survey. And I’m happy, that this not my single opinion.

Before the union, the LPU forum wasn’t already too busy, but know it is not dead! I think one of the main reasons for this „dying" is, that we simply just don’t have a reason to login to the LPU. We joined the club to belong to „inner circle“ right? We are seriously interested in that band. We wanna get the newest infos, pics, rumors etc. But were do we get this? Unfortunately not at the LPU! Instead we get this on Twitter, Facebook & co. or other fan sites. And we get those infos at the same time, like any other fan or net user at all. LPU members don’t have an advantage. The very big LPU benefits like early entry, m&g and band chats are really awesome. But I think just a minority of us has ever used this bonuses. And these big points are not deciding for building a community or holding it together. It’s more important to make the members feel to be part of the milieu of the band.

So, this is what I would like to have in LPU XV:

  • Separate the LPU part from the LP website.
  • Spread LP infos, videos etc. on LPU.
  • Also spread exclusive infos there before you do this on other media. At least from time to time.
  • Get a few reliable LPU veterans to be involved. I think there should be some competent fans, who are willing to help. You could talk to them before changing a forum platform, or the web design, announcing a band chat or whatever and see if they have an improvement proposal.
  • Concerning the package: I like the modular design and the possibility to chose, if I want to order my 11th water bottle together with my 6th wristband or if I’am fine with a digital membership. Once we had free worldwide shipping. That was cool. And for the CD: I would like to have some live recordings or even better a DVD with some live stuff.


I see your point and I agree but the last few years the LPU is all about the m&gs and the summits. Everyone joins just to have those opportunities since everything else is not exclusive. That though is not LPU’s fault if you really think about it. If certain people simply stopped uploading every single video or photo or whatever on social media for everyone to see then we could talk about stuff being exclusive. Unfortunately I don’t think anything can be done about this.

I’d love the idea of getting members more involved. Just changing the mods for example would be amazing since, let’s face it, none are really active anymore.


You’re certainly right, and I see it to naive. It is just my wishful thinking :blush:


The thing that sucks the most about the forums being dead (other parts of the site, too, but some parts are LPU only) is that fansite forums have more activity than here. That is a BIG problem. Not saying that LPLive or Association are bad places, but it’s not good that they are more active than the official site

I think it really is important to ask the community before making big changes to the website. I was looking through some people’s Facebook pictures recently (references for something I’ve been working on lately, not being a stalker :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I came across one talking about the transition to LPUX and the loss of the LPU9 features. A lot of people were really upset they were losing the forums and chat. There’s even a video on YouTube of a ton of people sitting in chat during the last hours of LPU9 not wanting to close the chat, and now no one even goes there.


It is really sad that the fansites are more active, it should be the other way around. Even the old linkinpark.com (LPN under sparkart) was damn active but then they switched to ground(ctrl) (aka WonderfulUnion).

I remember how frustrated I was when they said X wasn’t going to have a site, no package etc. That went so bad they decided to somehow “save” it by sending everyone a package for free. It was one of the worst LPU years to be honest.

@TripleXero I used to be active in the chat back then so I totally see what you mean. They really need to look into this and find solutions, or ask the members for advice. Some people may have pretty good ideas.


In my oppinion @Shoegaze4u is right in much points, the sense of the LPU for me is to be part in a community, the songs of LP are talking about, that was even my point to join in, if I get the messages from the lyrics right it´s all about reality and how it´s menat to be, and that should be the base for our LPU. But what I´ve found was a melting pod of every kind of people, cause the music arrives at touches so many diff. kind of people, from the teenie-groupy to the expertising members, which knew the whole thing from the beginnin, the bigger LP became, and in mo they become so big cause they arrived at peoples heart, including the livestyle and be part of the whole thing “to make the world a better place” So sometimes solutions aren´t so simple, sometimes…

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