hi family‚Ķ i ordered my lpu membership in november 2012 & it is now March 2013 & i still havent received the physical package :frowning: i live in Johannesburg South Africa. is it normal for it to take so long or did it get lost? how do i find it. the track on my order says ‚Äúcompleted/ fulfilled‚ÄĚ but now i dont know what to do??? please help me


It’s probably take long because you live in SA. You should message Adam or email ground(ctrl)


I think it’s definitely because you’re in Joburg. If you have Facebook, join this South African LPU group that attended the Summit and some members have already renewed. Ask them about their deliveries (:



If you still haven’t received it, please contact ground(ctrl) support at http://support.groundctrl.com