LPU11 merchandise- international


Just wondering how long your merchandise for LPU11 took to get to you internationally? I have been waiting 7 weeks for it to be shipped!


To give you an idea, my package was shipped on: 07/25/2012 and I received it last week (09/12/2012) in South-Africa.


Mine was finally marked shipped yesterday 7 weeks after I paid!


Still waiting for mine. was shipped: 09/08/2012. and bought 24/07/2012.
Cant wait any longer!!


I am in South Africa, shipped 31 July 2012, nothing yet received (20 Sep), getting a bit worried :frowning:


I ended up complaining to groundctl directly as they deal with the orders and it was conveniently marked as ‘shipped’ the next day! Let us see how long it takes to reach me in Japan… Hope you guys get yours soon.


i havent got mine. i’ve been waiting for 5 weeks. im in indonesia. kinda worry too :frowning:


For me, groundctrl used exactly one month from when I paid til they shipped it, and then additional 2 weeks through the mail and customs.