LPU13 Merchandise


What would you like to see in LPU13’s package? Same as last year, I would like to see female merchandise, girlie or babydoll t shirt :). What about you guys?


I would be glad with the CD and a shirt. But please a good quality shirt. Last one was pretty bad. That’s all. I don’t need more contents like bottles, flags, wristbands etc.


A new shirt would be cool, yeah… the guys have already seen my LPU6 T-shirt twice, so I think it’s time for a new one! :wink: Not a girly one, please: my own ‘merchiandise’ is way too big to fit the size that fits the rest of me. :wink: And I agree with Shoegaze4 about the quality of the last one, also the pick: now I do tend to play with my fingers, but it felt so… wobbly? Nah, I used my LPU6-wristband to fix a teddybear whose plushy insides are coming out, so yay LPU for that one. :slight_smile:


Yeah I am CD and shirt are basically a safe bet, as they r an important part of the LPU, HOWEVER I must agree that the shirt needs to be way better quality than the last/current one which I find terrible, it’s like shapeless alrdy…

Other than that I would rly love to see something new and original! :slight_smile: Like something that surprises me when I first read it :slight_smile:




CD/DVD, Shirt, and Lanyard. That’s it.


Good quality T-shirt and a good CD full of awesome rare demos. That’s what I want.


I’d like to see something fresh and exciting. Shirts, lanyards etc are just too predictable by now


pendant / necklace


Why not posters? Real big Linkin Park posters. I never had one, I want one.

A pendant could be great too but it’s more girly (as a guy I’d love to have one though).

What about a cool LP teddybear? hahahaha


Please give some good quality SHIRT this time. My LPU12 shirt looks like worst shirt of all even though I used it for 10-15 times.
Water bottle was really helpful ! Add CD for 1$ this time too.

If possible give Linkin Park Soldier dog tag :smiley:

*Please do not add small items like guitar pick or others which gets lost while shipping !


The main item must be included (CD,Shirt) and also want lanyard like we get this year.


I personally would prefer just the CD and T-Shirt, coupled with more digital fan-based content.

The LPU meet and greet / gig crowd photos, sorted by into years only if wanting to be a tad lazy, would be wonderful to see. Can tag yourself and save your own (lost) memory to your hard drive. That depends on how much of the old content from the sparkart flash-based designs was kept though. Photos are a lot easier on server bandwidth, so it would be cost-effective if it drove people back to the site?

I also like the LPU Hard Rock meetups, thats a great idea for fans and potentially run by the fans too (which saves costs); could even become a regular thing, or include listening parties when the new album comes out. Hopefully it kicks off a bit more, I’d love to attend one at the Hard Rock London.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:




I think the Shirt and CD is a must as well as the lanyard because we usually use those to gain early entry to the venue which I really love as being a part of the LPU. I really like stuff that I can use for instance I use my water bottle everyday at work [biggrin]


Well the CD and a t-shirt is a must. The shirt MUST be better quality, cuz the lpu12 one just got faded after three washes. I wouldn’t mind another Lanyard or water bottle. Basically anything that i can use on a daily bases like Sian said is good.


Some exclusive music would be nice. Maybe a choice in the T-shirt design. I know this sounds so girly, but maybe a jewellery option.


In my opinion, I think the past LPU 12 membership package was pretty good (With the exception of the t-shirt) I hope to once again receive a laminate and lanyard as I did in LPU 11 and LPU 12 because they’re pretty sweet(: I think it would be awesome if we could get some posters and sticker packs with artwork relating to the theme in LPU 13. I personally liked the flag we got in the LPU 11 package. I would love to have another one(: As far as the CD goes, I hope to see a full tracklist of unreleased demos on it. Another thing I would like to mention is the size and quality of the overall package. Back in the early LPU memberships, there were tons of stuff in the packages. In recent years, the number of items have decreased and I think it would be great if the LPU could possibly include some more stuff in the packages (a Newsletter or a poster?) I would also like to see a really good quality t-shirt in the LPU 13 Membership. I was kinda disappointed with the one last year. I hope we get a very vibrant shirt with an epic design this year(:
It would be wonderful if we got an LPU 13 Vinyl as well(: I know there are tons of collectors in the LPU (Including myself) who would love to have something like this! I really hope we get more LPU-TV episodes too. (Just a thought) That’s about all I’ve got to say about this lol(: I hope LPU HQ is reading this! :smiley:


A DVD of SSMF would be great. That night was so amazing. The energy of LP and the fans was electrifying. I was so hoarse at the end from singing every song, and loved every second, esp when Chester told us to move closer. I went from row three to row smash.


Lp should make a pair of awesome shoes. Mike made shoes with D.C. before and thy were sick. Lp shoes would be the coolest thing ever.