LPU15 bi-monthly song downloads


So first track (of 6) is on its way! TooLeGit is going to be released on 15th December.
From what I’ve heard it’s gonna be amazing! Check it, if you haven’t heard snippet:


I made this topic not only for this song, another 5 will be released in 2016! We can discuss everything related here.
Btw, what do you think about that idea? I’d prefer to have all of these songs on CD, but hey, this time we’ll get not 10, but 12 songs!


I was confused at first cause this thread is basically the same.

Not sure if we should keep 2 seperate threads for the LPU tracks, it’s kind of confusing to be honest.
Anyways, like I said, I liked the preview, the piano and the vibe sound great so I hope it’s gonna be a cool demo.

I’d prefer to have all 12 on the cd as well but it’s ok. 12 is good, we had that many before so it’s not a big surprise for me.


This thread is about bi-monthly downloads, the thread you posted is about track-by-track videos. Two different things to me


Both are about the LPU 15 tracks, that’s how I see it but anyways, just said it’s confusing to me.


This. We’ll keep the other since it includes the videos as well as song discussion.

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