LPU15 Discount Card doesn't work


To anyone that can help,

Received my Discount Card with my “LPU15 BUNDLE + SKATE DECK” in the last few days. In time for Christmas, so thank you…but

the discount codes don’t work in the Linkin Park Store. The 20% off code and the $5 off code both don’t work. Can anyone help?


The $5 off code is for the Linkin Park Underground store only, and the 20% off code is for the main Linkin Park store only. I haven’t used either of mine yet, and I can’t check if they work as I’m not home at the moment, but make sure you are using them in the correct places. If they still don’t work, contact Lorenzo at lpuhq@lpunderground.com and he should be able to go further into the problem


Correct. I spent 30minutes trying to enter the code into the main Linkin Park store, but it didn’t work. I then went to my account to check the balance, it says my balance is “$0” but they have never been used?

Edit: Will email Lorenzo now. Thanks


I don’t know much about the main store unfortunately, I haven’t bought off it in years, although I plan to soon, but that’s not really going to help now. Only other thing I could think of is to make sure O’s and 0’s (and other similar letters and numbers) aren’t switched or something, I can’t remember what the codes looked like

Hopefully they fix the problem soon

Edit: The picture of the main store discount card seems to say it’s only select items. Not sure what that means, unless it’s stated on each item on the store that discounts can be applied to or not