LPU16 Kit Argentina


Hi guys, after 2 months waiting the shipping from California, the LPU16 kit arrived here in Buenos Aires and I must say that I fell in love with all the merchandise! The wait worth it!!


I have one question to ask are you going to their concert if u r then your lucky. And is this package you got is it for you to go to the concert.


Hey! Yes I definitely go to the concert, the festival is in May 6th! And of course I’ll be using the t shirt and the laminate on the show! I have this feeling that I’m gonna to win the M&G and the band will see the LPU16 merchandise in me LOL :joy::joy:
That will be my dream come true :heart:


awww that cute will I hope that you win and you better meet then in person and enjoy your self ok. :blush::relaxed:


We could buy the package any time we want for our selves because I am thinking about doing that so really don’t know.


Than you! So sweet of you! You should buy the package, you won’t be regret it! The t shirt fits very nice :blush:


Ok I would thank you. The t shirt looks nice on you. :slight_smile: