LPUXIV purchases in the UK


Hi There

My daughter is wanting LPUXIV for her christmas this year.

I had purchased LPU 11 for her at a cost of $111 but was stung by import charges on top . This time we are looking at standard postage ($19.99) instead of worldwide but we are wondering if any UK fans have already made the purchase and can advice me on how much uk import duty & tax they had to pay.

Thanks kindly


I’m afraid that I’m not aware of the import duty and tax for UK buyers but I think you can ask groundctrl at their customer service site: http://support.groundctrl.com/

I hope you find out so you can get such an awesome present for your daughter!

I’m looking to buy one for myself once I’ve saved up for it haha

Could you possibly let me know if you find out as I live in the UK too?



Hi OliviaLP

I have been informed that anything over £15 in value is subject to customs and import tax, so possibly looking at around £10.

Have you ordered yours and has it arrived yet as my mum ordered mine on the 15th of December and was shipped the same day and we are still waiting for it…

Many Thanks



My sister decided to order the LPU for me before Christmas on and it arrived on Christmas Eve. Also, about the import tax and any extra charges she told me that no more than £3 was deducted from her account which may have been a fee to convert dollars into pounds. No other charges have been made since it was ordered on 05/12/14 and shipped 12/12/14.

I hope this info helps.


Also, she selected the economy delivery too.


Thank you:) this has helped a lot :smile:


Ah great, I hope you like your merchandise. Happy New Year too :slight_smile:️:tada: