Lyrics on your skin


Which of you got LP Lyrics tattooed your skin?

I ´m thinking about to get one of my fav Lyircs on my skin :slight_smile:


Chester actually wrote them.


OMG thats cool. would be awesome to have lyrics written by mike. I´v missed to ask him on my M&G I was to nervous xD


If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s a good place to start:


I’ve got the LP logo with ‘In The End’ & ‘What I’ve Done’ inked on my arm :blush:

I have a few other tattoo’s & more in the planning - they are addictive! Just need the cash now :grinning:



Wow… that is amazing. Wasnt sure what i’d say if i ever got to meet the guys but now i know… ‘please… write on me’!!!


I have the lp logo with lettering of breaking the habit around it on my wrist.


Trust me when I say: Don’t give that kind of freedom to Joe Hahn, or he might do something like this…

He had a little too much fun playing ‘connect the moles’.


And u didnt make it permanent… :laughing:

I suppose u have to draw the line somewhere… (see what i did there?) Haha… wont be giving up the day job any time soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still, in all seriousness, as custom tattoo’s go they dont really get much better!


My friend and I have the chorus to Roads Untraveled on our backs. We got them the day after our first LP concert in 2012.


man the lyrics on your man are definitely cool.

i’d love to get the two lines in japanese in jornada del muerto that say "lift me up, let me go"
but mike can’t actually write them in japanese, too bad, that would have been pretty cool if he did :slight_smile: