M&G at outdoor venues questions


I was just wondering for those that have attended M&Gs at outdoor venues, how is that going? I’m just wondering where they hold the actual meeting? How early does the line for the M&G usually start? My show consist of Mutemath, Incubus & LP. They are just opening the gates 30 mins. prior to the show starting. Doesn’t seem like much time to get your merch, food/drinks & your spot in the pit or your seat for that matter. I’m not really concerned about the other bands, more interested in how the M&Gs have gone. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.



I went to a M&G at their Projekt Rev show in the UK a few years back which was at an outdoor venue. Gates opened at mid-day with LP coming on in the evening. Queued for the M&G just outside the gate to backstage about half hour before the M&G, then we got taken through to backstage to meet the band.


I went to 8/15/12. They took us backstage like right before LP went on.


How far in advance did they email you to let you know you had been selected?


I don’t really know, because I won a garunteed meet and greet.