M&G Besides Linkin Park


I haven’t met or seen Linkin Park yet but I’m dying to. I have met Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley at a book signing. They are such awesome, down to earth guys I hope to meet them again someday. I also met Peter Criss at a different book signing. He’s really down to earth too. Incase some of you don’t know, all three of these guys are from Kiss.
The other people I’ve met are Tracy and Corey from Jerseylicious. They’re both such sweet people. If you watch the show you know how they always seem I guess against everyone else. Well when you actually meet them you’ll see how nice and kind hearted both of them are. I have pics from all of these meet and greets if anyone wants me to post them.
So, what stars have you guys met?


i met one of the backstreet boys :smiley:
too bad i didnt meet them all but was still pretty awesome to meet one of them
also met famous people but like not international ones, just people that are famous in my country only


I met the guys from Biohazard a few weeks ago in the UK, they played my home town and had a smoke with the guys outside after the set :smiley:


Lol I met quite a few of Dutch celebrities. :P. You wouldn’t know them, haha.

But I met Emilie Autumn last year and that was amazing. That woman is an amazing artist and performer. Love her!


I met the guys from street drum corp. and fort minor at projekt revolution, me and a friend of mine followed LP When they did projekt revolution with MCR all around the country we saw them 8 times that summer, and the part that kills me is that we were supposed to meet & greet with LP @ 2 of the shows but for some reason at one of them they had canceled the m&g and at the last show we saw the traffic was so bad at the end of the 11 hour drive that we got to the show late and missed the M&G I hope now that I renewed for this year that they will do a US tour someplace near me and I will finally get to M&G with them… I’ve been a fan since b4 they went main stream and honestly there music helped me thru some of the hardest times in my life, times that i just wanted to throw it all away… then @ PR in Hartford Chester said something about losing someone that u really love and how that sometimes it’s for the best and it made me look at things different… Probably the only reason why I am still here!!!


This past summer, I got to meet the guys in a band called Candlelight Red, and I also met the guys in Boy Hits Car at the same show.

In October I got to meet the Blue Man Group after their show. But they didn’t talk, and they signed my tour book by rubbing some of the paint off their heads and making a handprint

Earlier this month I also got to spend some time with Silverstein after their concert.

In January I got to meet Jesse from 10 Years after their acoustic show


I’ve never done an M&G with the band, but I met Mike at Disneyland last December.


I’ve run into quite a few musicians in my lifetime thus far–most recently I met with two of the guys from Shinedown when they performed at a radio station event in Boston. Apart from them, I had the privilege of meeting the guys in Queensrÿche through fan club M&Gs a few times, and I’ve been lucky enough to confer with Joe Satriani many times when he’s come to the Boston area to play. The biggest draw for me, though, would have to be when I met Trent Reznor and the rest of Nine Inch Nails during the NIN | JA Tour of 2009, just before he went on hiatus. I hope to score M&G for LP this year, as that would be my very first with that band.

UPDATE 8/7/14: As of yesterday, my birthday, you can add the members of Godsmack to my list of musicians I’ve met. Yesterday was not only my birthday, but also (by declaration of the Mayor of Boston) “Godsmack Day”, during which I was the very first person to score a numbered wristband, to be the first in line to get autographs on the band’s new CD.

UPDATE 8/14/14: I scored LP M&G for the Mansfield show! Just found out.


Bands I’ve met:

Linkin Park
Turbonegro (original band members)
30 Seconds to Mars (only Jared)

Actors/Famous people
Jared Leto
Jay Leno
Matthew Mcconaughey
Eli Roth
Kevin Spacey
Quentin Tarantino
Ken Block
Travis Pastrana
Tanner Foust
Aksel Henie


I haven’t met a lot but the ones I have are:
All members of Thirty Seconds to Mars
All members of Blue October
All members of New Politics

My hopes for this summer are to meet:
Linkin Park
Twenty One Pilots
Anyone else would be bonus!

I have met any others I can’t recall as of now. Haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning, lol!


I havent met LP yet but I have met a few of the kids from OLTL, Ryan Cabrera and Tony Lucca. The kids from OLTL were all so sweet. Ryan and Tony didnt really say anything. lol


I have met many many stars






and the list goes on and on…
i really enjoy doing it
my stone sour meet and great was after the show so we all got to hang out with the band for hours after the snow it was amazing
i had a meet and greet for LP when i was 16 years old but my ride didnt get me there on time i cried soooooo hard


I have a nice little security gig that I work on the side so I get to meet a lot of artist from different genres. My favorites so far were Chevelle, Papa Roach, 3 Days Grace (with Adam Gontier), Breaking Benjamin (before they broke up), Aaron Lewis from Staind, and Billy Joel (I know the odd ball of the group but cool dude). If they came through Hershey, Pa more than likely I worked their show, hint hint LP!


I met Marcel, Maurce, Megumi, Jim Digby, Missy from MFR, Pooch, Sean, lot of amazing people who made my day.
I’m very thankful with them!!!


I’ve met quite a lot of people - but my favourite has been meeting 30 Seconds To Mars, I have done a lot of m&gs with them :slight_smile:


i’ve only met Liam Gallagher with Beady Eye :slight_smile:

But i’m meeting LP in November! :smiley:


Have won m&g with LP in 2008 and with Metallica also in 2008… Best day of my life! Met Dave Mustaine of Megadeth., but he was to wasted to talk to.


I’ve met infected mushroom, Jon bishop, dj venom, Gareth Emery, and Manufactured Superstars. They were all super nice.


I met Tony Palermo from Papa Roach
I met Glamour Of The Kill
I met Heaven’s Basement
I met Of Mice & Men (twice)
I met All Time Low (twice)
I met Modern Baseball
I met We Came As Romans

And I’m finally going to meet Linkin Park this year


I’ve met Kerry King of Slayer (who signed my Rogue bass guitar) along with several members of The Epilogues and a number of small/underground/indie bands.