M & G Download Festival


Hi Guys!!!

Download is only 4weeks away!! I was wondering if those that have meet and greet for this would like to chat and get to know each other on here before the day comes.

So I’ll start!
I’m Jo and have been a massive LP fan for 14years. I saw LP on their world tour in 2010 and it was the best concert I have been to!
I cannot wait to actually meet the guys at Download. It’s something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do and is something that I have waited for, for a looonnggg time.
I also can’t believe that they are playing Hybrid Theory in FULL. I think it’s going to be the best show ever.
So what do I like about LPs music? When I first heard there music I was going through some really rough times and listening to the words in the songs that they wrote made me realise that I wasn’t stupid for feeling depressed. It’s something that happens and you have no control over it. It is a disease that is always with you. I don’t know how I would have got through my teens without the music by Linkin Park. They are a true inspiration to me and still help me through those times when I don’t feel great about life or myself. They also inspired me to start writing my own lyrics which is something I have been doing for as long as I can remember! Maybe one day I’ll post some of them but for now they are just a way for me to get things out and express myself.

So if there is anyone out there who is going to the meet and greet at download I would love to hear from you!!!


Hey, I’ll be there too! :slight_smile:

I was so excited when I saw I got a meet and greet. Going to the festival is my graduation present from my mom and probably the best present I will ever get (coming all the way from California, U.S.!).
I’ve only been a real fan for a couple of years. Someone showed me “Breaking the Habit” about four years ago when I was having a hard time with things and I fell in love with the song. I listened to songs like “Numb”, “Pushing Me Away”, and “Easier to Run” and I really liked those too, so I got all the studio albums on iTunes (soon after A Thousand Suns came out, but I didn’t really listen to it (who knows why…). Then I was once again in a bad place two summers ago and I started listening to all of the Linkin Park songs I had and I really enjoyed them. I then saw that they had a new album (Living Things, and I got that. Soon after that, I became a huge Linkin Park fan (and Fort Minor and Dead By Sunrise). They are pretty much the most important thing to me because their music helps me through and has saved me life.
They write perfect lyrics and I relate to a lot of them. I think everything they put out is absolutely beautiful in different ways. They haven’t released anything I do not like.
They also seem to be really amazing people with Music for Relief and stuff. I just love them all so much. Mike’s voice is something the only thing that calms me down and I am so excited and grateful that I get to meet him and the rest of the band.


Hello! I’m Debbie and I’m 27. I’ve been a fan oof Linkin Park since I was 14 and have loved them ever since, my fave albums are Hybrid Theory and A Thousand Suns (equally) I love old and new :slight_smile:

I’ve seen them once before at Download a few years ago, and can’t wait to see them again! And of course, I’m mega excited to actually get to meet them! I’ll be in my LPU vest top and hoodie so come say hi if anyone sees me!


Hey Guys!

Im Raymond, 20 from glasgow way up in Scotland. I’ve never seen Linkin park live so I guess meeting them before they play hybrid theory in full will be some experience. I first heard “in the End” way back in like 2002 and my mum used to shout on me anytime it was on the music channel. My love for them started there. My favourite songs are : Hands held high, qwerty, When they come for me, A place for my head and from the inside just to name a few!.

I am really nervous though, i have no idea where to go on Saturday before they play due to it being a festival so if any of you guys have advice i’d really appreciate it, I look forward to meeting you guys!.


Hey I’m Malcolm 21. I’m from Edinburgh so it’s good to know there’ll be a Scottish contingent at the m&g. Never managed to see Linkin Park before but I’ve been a fan since Meteora.

I’m nervous too. Mostly due to the fact that I’ll have a crutch at a music festival (long story) but I’m sure it’ll be fine… There’s a disabled access viewing platform thing and I’ll be able to get into it so that’ll make things easier.

I don’t really know where to go either because of that stuff combined with the m&g (definitely not complaining) so I can’t really help. I saw that there’s a LPU meetup planned on Facebook though https://www.facebook.com/events/263515280501037


I just joined that event Malcolm, Look out for me i’ll be wearing the LPUXIII jersey and i’ll have blue hair! do we not get an emial on the saturday telling us where and when to meet?


Hope everyone enjoyed the meet and greet and the show as much as we did! So good, and the new way of doing the meet and greets are so much better than the last one I went to in 2003 which was just a signing at a table and I was back out on the street after about 30 seconds.

We actually didn’t receive ANY EMAIL yesterday! And the guys at the information tent were useless! I’m surprised we actually made the meet and greet


that was great. Any1 have some pic ?

Rob is fking amazing

thanks for it.


Nice pics. Where did you get the one of the group shot? I still haven’t seen it and can’t find it in the media section.


It was lovely to meet LP and all you lovely LPUers!

Really great, fun M&G! Hopefully we’ll get the pics soon!


Hey! I really enjoyed it and hope I get another one when they tour THP in the UK!


[quote=Bajtak]that was great. Any1 have some pic ?

Rob is fking amazing

How were you able to get one-on-one photos with these guys? Did you just ask them? That is so cool!


It was awesome! Shame every time I got my phone out to take a photo security shut me down but as we can see some people got some solo shots. Then they put on an awesome performance! All in all a great day!


I’m dying waiting for these photos to be uploaded!!!


Great to meet some of you, I had a great time and thought it was well organised (as usual)
My 2nd LPU M&G and my 3rd time meeting Chester. I can’t wait for the group photo :slight_smile:


All meet and greet photos for Europe are online apart from download! So cruel lol


Looking forward to the photos going up! It was amazing. Sorry for being all ill and stuff, everyone was really nice about it though (including Chester.) I didn’t take any sneaky photos since everytime I got my phone out I got death-stares so I hope these are good enough!


What is wrong with Missy? She cant do any picture.
This is my pic with Mike from Wroclaw.

U pray for better pics from Download.

They dont care about fans, all pictures from Wroclaw are like this. Cant belive it, They got a lot of money and cant hire good photographer with good camera. Im crashed.


It’s not Missy’s fault. It’s a poor camera and it’s bad in low light with no flash. I was disappointed by the camera used.


Agreed. I get the frustration but I had a great time and the photos, for me, are just a bonus. I’ll remember it regardless of their quality.