M&G Hamburg response


Did anybody Receive a response to the m&g in Hamburg yet or any notification at all? Do you know how long it takes to wait? Because today is Tuesday but on Friday is the concert


Got my mail yesterday (5th of March) at 23:53.


Me too!!! :dancer:t2::heart_eyes:


Did anyone get the second mail yet? :blush:


No nothing here yet. :slight_smile:


Ok that‘s a relief. :grin: I‘m so excited!!! :heart_eyes:


Just got the second email. :blush:


Same!!! :grin: See you later. :sparkles:


Me too :grin: hooray!


The streets are so full, my boyfriend and I had work and left extra early, I hope I won‘t be late. :pray:t2:


That’s the typical Hamburg. I’m so confused. Nobody is there yet but the entrance seems to be right haha


I should be there in 10 minutes. :grin: