M&G help!


We’ll come to a meeting with CD and posters(for signatures).How to be a concert with all this? Where to put it all? Maybe cd…which I buy at the m.g and e.t …
[signature] How to know when a meeting start and where? There will be many people in concert…

I am 17 years old. What should I do to get a meeting? Is it not important? I have passport,mail invate,


Hi Roman,
You will receive an email during the day of the m&g which tells you where and when to meet.
Unfortunately you have to carry the poster and cd the whole time of the concert :confused:
You will only need a valid passport to get your pass, adam just checked my name on a list at my last m&g.
Enjoy it!


Yep, you have to carry your things throughout the entire thing, which is why I wouldn’t bring posters to sign, but rather a booklet from one of the albums or something that can easily fit in a rucksack. :slight_smile:

Unless there’s a place at the concert where you can put your things? Like a wardrobe?