M&G - how early before the show?


Can M&G be before the gates are open? Or only after that and just before LP show?


Think it depends on their schedule. At least the M&G in Skive festival this year was about 30 minutes before the concert.


It all depends. When I went to my M&G back in 2011 at Madison Square Garden you had to enter the arena first then wait at a designated area. Waiting for the M&G and then doing it took a while. Missed all of the opening acts and just saw LP.


like they said
it depends on their schedule and when they actually arrive at the certain festival or whatever the place may be

@ PP they just got there when the MG was going on
and it was directly before the show
like there was 15 10 mins between


you should at least get an email the day of the show telling you when & where to meet up. A lot of it depends on the venue & the line up. You might miss a band or two, but they will get you in forsure to see them. You have to be willing to miss other bands. Mine was after the doors opened, but it was at an indoor venue. We will be at an outside venue this year, so I’m not sure. However, LPU Members are supposed to have early access to the venues too. Not sure if they are making lines for LPU Members & letting them in when it says doors/gates open & then the non LPU Members are let in after that? I would hope they would give you time to get your merch & maybe something to drink before you have to meet up. Last time I didn’t bring any thing to drink & I was dying of thirst before we got into our room. Plus, it really didn’t matter how we lined up cause they kept moving us around. Again, this was at an indoor venue. Don’t know how it’s gonna work at an outside venue? Good luck!