M&G in NYC...Gramercy preshow


Lets make it happen LP Family! Let’s #makechesterproud and show Mike an awesome welcome to the big city. Who is in??! :sunglasses::metal:


Please don’t make duplicate threads, it helps keep the forums clean, thanks.

@derek or @jFar920


I didnt, my original one was deleted by someone


It’s still there. Perhaps you have it muted? If you scroll to the bottom of the page there should be a small dropdown with notification options.

Like this:


Okay. Sorry bout that.


No worries.


Does this mean you want one too?? :-)))


Want one what?


Meet and greet


I’m in the UK. Lol


Thats too bad. Lol


Even if they did have an M&G over here I wouldn’t go. Waiting idiotic amouns of time is not in my nature. The only concert I ever went to was Chester’s 3rd to last one and I waited 9h, it’s put me off from going to live shows. 9h for a 2h show is moronic, no matter how you spin it.


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