M+G London 3rd July


Has anyone received there email yet for 3rd July M+G?


No, anyone knows when are we gonna receive?


They’ve already been sent apparently so we didn’t get them :frowning:


I got a meet and greet for London


Was that for O2 or Brixton?


For the o2


Interesting. I’ve not heard of anyone get one for Brixton yet, only O2 Arena and Birmingham. Maybe Brixton is still to come? :slight_smile:


Someone one the LP app has a Brixton meet&greet


I got mine for Brixton this morning :slight_smile:


Anyone yet had the email with where to go details and time for today’s meet and greet?


Congratulations. Have fun, it’s a great experience :slight_smile:


Got mine for Brixton yesterday, excited :smiley: