M&G Lottery Question (Please Help)


Hi, I entered the NJ M&G lottery. When it’s over, are all the winners notified instantly via email? And if you are not selected, are you notified as well. I just wanna know either way. I guess i’m a tad paranoid. lol. Thanks


You will only get notified (via email) when you’re selected. Winners usually get selected and notified about 3-5 days before the show.
Best of luck!


ok, thank you


At the Europa Tour it was 24 to 48 Hours befor the shows( Bremen and Hamburg)
And only of you win.


Sometimes a little later or earlier than planned. Always depends on how busy LPUHQ staff is at the time (they usually attend the tours as well), but their goal is usually 3-5 days before each show.


Also, continue to check your email right till the end. If someone else cancels, you could be chosen last minute.