M&G @ Noblesville


Initially I decided to go to the concert in Indiana with a biggroup. So I signed up for M & G in I N. But for personnel reasons we couldn’t make it to IN. And decided to attend the concert in Alpharetta which I did and hence cancelled my M&G in Indiana nd signed up for Alpharetta. I did not get any invite for MG in Alpharetta but today I got for IN. Sucks that I cannot go for the M & G. I so wanted to meet the band dang it am in such bad situation. Dunno when I can ever meet them again!!!


Damn that sucks. I would say try and contact admins but that might be a long shot. I feel your pain however. Last time I saw LP I was so excited for the show that I forgot to check my email…morning after the show I found out I had been selected for a meet and greet. Just keep your head up and hope for a second chance is all you can do. Good luck! Hopefully next time your see them your luck will be better! (as hopefully mine will be as well!)


Thank you for advice …hope it works out well second time for us or if can be lucky to sneak a chance but for now will wait and see how it goes :wink: