M&G Sopron June 27, 2017


Has anyone been selected to the Meet & Greet event for the show in Sopron? :smiley:


Me call 015771066976


what’s that phone number?


My number maybe we can meet


Would be nice :slight_smile: but i didn’t get access to the event. Just wanted to know if they got the winners already or not. :confused:


Thats sad…better luck next time…:slight_smile::slight_smile:
Good day!


Zinler wait, did you just win the meet and greet contest to the Southside Festival and the Volt Festival as well???


Same question here. It would be great to know if winners has already been picked. I think it’s a general policy, that within one tour, they try to select different fans for each M&G so the most fans could get the chance to see them at least once.


2 of my friends and me were registered but we didnt get an email and this guy from Germany “win”? This is sooooo unfair…


What if there will be no M&G? But then why would they say it on the site… Even on the local fansite nobody said about getting notification for this M&G


Same here…I still haven’t got any e-mail😞


At Berlin, they did actually not have M&G and they have announced that officially. Why wouldn’t LP do that now?
Besides, the show will start tomorrow 21:00 CET so they still have a few hours as notification should arrive 24 hours or more before the show.


I just won 1 MG not 2?!
I won the MG at the Southside yesterday.
Whats wrong with that


No? why do you think at volt festival as well?


@ksekrisz I signed in for the contest and won whats wrong with that? And whats the thing about “this guy from germany?”


Oh my god im soooo sorry i posted it in the wrong topic…i meant the mg at southside in germany
sorry read it wrong


That’s ok. I just thought that the Sopron m&g winners were chosen too


Haha you scared the shit out of a lot of Hungarian LPU members… :smiley: how did the M&G go by the way, did you manage to meet all the members of the band or just some of them?


I think though the selection is over, there isnt much time left before the concert…


The delay might be because they are organizing the details to spread with the festival staff - where exactly and when will the M&G winners will meet the band. At least I hope so.