M&G Sydney was awesome!


Sydney Entertainment Centre - Australia, 26/02/2013 - Living Things Tour.

Mar 1, 2013

My son Jack and I were lucky enough to be picked for the Meet and Greet prior to the concert, the guys from LP and all of their crew were the most down to earth, friendly people you could hope to meet. My son was so pumped to meet the guys from his favourite band, that have produced the sound tracks to his favourite movies “TRANSFORMERS”…!!! We had a great time, and the concert was absolutely amazing as always… Guys, you have made one little boy that battles the problems of Aspergers Syndrome, so happy, I cannot thank you all enough…!!!

Best Regards
Anthony Newgent
P.S. Keep Rocking and Doing Your Thing, you make a lot of people happy…


hi Anthony, i was lucky enough to be at the meet and greet as well, i remember you and your son. tell him his hair was awesome!!! i too would like to thank all the crew and staff, as well as Linkin Park themselves. the band were very down to earth and gave a sense of appreciation to everyone.

the show as usual was outstanding!!! this is the only band that i go to see. every time Chester sings’ waiting for the end ’ i cry my eyes out!

the sydney show was also my 10 year old son’s first concert and he loved it!

the days of pain from my lupus after a linkin show are worth it,

thank you Linkin Park for giving me my sanity.

thank you for soundwave.

thank you for he opportunity for meet and greet.

thank you for the show.[biggrin][biggrin]

and thank you for sharing your extraordinary talents with us!!!

please hurry back to sydney!


leigh heine


MATE!, where to even begin. was such a sick night and meeting the 6 fellas was such a privilege!!

i remember seeing you two and your sons LP logo shaved on the side of hes head and mike hi-5’ing him haha

i dont know if you remember me but my avatar might help haha

i hope they upload some photos from the night



i hope i get selected on the next M & G :frowning: haha!