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Hello everyone haven’t posted in quite a while. Been hanging around on Twitter seeing a lot of things happening with Mike’s EP. It’s been a little over 200 days since Chester passed away and next month his birthday will mark eight months since he passed. But I think Mike and the guys seem to be doing pretty well right now, Mikes certainly been getting a lot done with new Music, Videos, and concert planning. He also seems to be keeping in touch with us on Twitter and Instagram more often. Just thought I’d ask what you all think of the new EP as well as everything going on the with the concert demands, and see how you guys are doing.


First of all, idk you, but welcome back. And actually it will be 8 months on Chester’s birthday that he’s been gone. As for Mike and the new EP, it is hard to listen to these songs at times, but it is great that he is continuing to do what he loves, and has always done, make great music. I hope I get the chance to see either him or LP in concert in the future. We all support and love Mike and the guys with whatever decisions they shall make. #PostTraumatic #MakeChesterProud


Actually this month will mark 7 and his birthday 8. Mike’s EP is very emotional. There is a thread for it. Welcome back, hope you’ll be active.


Hi Nice to hear from you. I admire Mike more than ever. They are very emotional and i listen over and over. Goes to show how much Chester really meant to him I lost one best friend in April now another this week from od . I had no clue she did heroin And it hurts bad I am glad that Mike is back and we are behind him 150 %.