Major LP fan here


As my profile says, just your average LP fan.
New to this site and all the features in here.
Just wanting to get to know other fans from all over the world - but it would be cool if there were other Danes in here as well.
Maybe we could join each other when and if we go to concerts with our favorite band.

But don´t be shy if you are from London, Berlin, Sweden og Norway either.
I do travel abroad and have been to London a few times - even to see another of my favorite bands in Hyde Park.
So hopefully I´d get to go there again. Would be perfect if the playing band were LP.

Would love to hear from all fans. Love to get new friends.


Welcome to the Underground. Hope you enjoy it here! Feel free to add me as a friend if you would like.


Welcome to LPU :slight_smile:


hello major LP fan

how lovely to see that a new LPU member is over the age of 30
you sure will get to meet awesome LP fans here!
we love each other, we care for each other and we share things with each other
and not just our love for LP


Fellow Dane over here. :wink:

Welcome to LPU, Heino! Will you be going to Skive Festival on the 30th of May to see the guys?

I am planning on attending as many European concerts as possible, when they do their LIVING THINGS promo tour - definitely in Berlin and London if they play there and then of course crossing my fingers for Parken, or Malmö. :slight_smile:


Hey welcome to LPU

Of course you’re not alone :slight_smile:
I’m 27 years old and been a fan since HT when I was 15 and sometimes me too feel kinda weird or alone cos’ everyone I know who likes LP are much younger than me, but music has no age limits and Linkin Park deserves all our love. I’ve grown up with them & their music and I don’t regret nor a moment nor a penny I’ve spent on them!
LP :heart:


Welcome to LPU :DDDDD


dont know what a dane is but i am half peanut.


Welcome here. It is very nice to meet you. Hope you have fun here! I am fairly new as well. :slight_smile: Well enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Here’s another Dane for you! I’m from Aalestrup, a small city in Jylland :slight_smile: I’ve been a faithful fan of LP since I was a little girl and about 11 years old, today I’m 22 and I’m still a HUGE fan! So I’ve been playing their music over and over for more than 10 years xD Nice to meet you, welcome to LPU!


Hi! Welcome to the LPU


Hello:) and Welcome to LPU! have a great time here:)


Hi! Welcome to LPU :slight_smile:

Add me if you wish :).


Welcome to the Underground!


Welcome to teh Underground^^
have fun here ^^


I’m a major fan too. I loved them since 2000. I would love to meet them in person even though I know it’s a long shot. I hope I can keep seeing them live as much as possible. Anyway, there is no way I can imagaine a day without listening to them or watching their videos or anything. Linkin Park are the best group on the face of this earth. And they deserve the utmost respect and the highest praise for all they have accomplished to this day.