Make a wish- wish granted


Wish granted but now he eats your mom personal things

I wish the world was full of love instead of hate


Wish granted and I can’t make a twist to a wish like this because I wish for this too @chigokurosaki


Lol, I was waiting to see if someone would come along with one. Possibly @the_termin8r? :joy:


Well yeah, so now everybody loves each other, but now everybody has turned into Teletubbies and the world has become one United Teletubbie Nation, with Justin Bieber’s music playing nonstop in the background.

I wish for a new phone.


Lmao, for people who dont like bieber we sure talk about him a lot :joy: :joy: and then there’s @gatsie with her teletubbies :joy:

Wish granted but it comes with no battery

I wish there was no more Justin Bieber :joy:


Granted! There’s no more J.Bieber around…now he’s only in your house…living with you,singing for you…yeeeppyyy!! :joy: :scream: :scream: :joy: :joy:

I wish I could have more time to do want I want to…


Wish granted but now you must rush to do everything at once

I wish to write a book


Not bad…everything’s better than Bieber… :joy:

Aaaand wish granted! You’ll write a book about the life of J.Bieber… good luck! :joy:

I wish I don’t have to use glasses…sometimes they’re not comfortable… :rofl:


Wish granted but everyone you see looks like Justin bieber :joy:

I wish to create an amazing piece of artwork


:joy: :joy:
Are you tempting me??well…here we go…

Granted! You’ll do a wonderful portrait of J.Bieber! Yeeeppyy! :joy:

I wish I don’t be stressed… :rofl:


Wish granted but now you live with Justin bieber and are stressed more :joy:

I wish to leave to mimosa island with all of you (where bieber isn’t welcome or allowed :joy: )


I wish the same!!! :heart_eyes: I won’t ruin it… :blush: someone else can go…


Why would i ever go to ruin that! :joy::joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I am in as well… same.boat!

Next wish.
I wish i had my own sim card :joy::joy: go ruin that I don’t mind… i am not gonna get so soon! :stuck_out_tongue::persevere::tired_face::joy::joy:


Done, you have your new sim card, but everyone will be sending you messages all the day, even when you try to sleep.

I wish eat fries (McDonald’s ones) all my live without pay for them and without die or end like a fatboy.


Wish granted but they all are bankrupted and are going to close

Wish I could meet every single solider on here


Done, but you have to pay all their bills and their food for the next 15 years. Good luck Jajaja

I wish I could become into any animal I wanted.


You can never become same animal back… and never a human.
Like if you became a leaopard once… you can’t again…

I wish i could be an eagle


Done, you’re an eagle (made of plastic). Enjoy your new life.

I wish that Honey and I could spend more time together here on the forum (I mean we can talk each other)


Uff! Nooo!

I won’t ruin that. Lol


That’s what I love your company :heart_eyes: