Make a wish- wish granted


Sooo damn sweet! Same here!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Granted, but you have to communicate on an open topic and are not allowed to pm each other at all!

I wish I was never born.


Granted you are now a lamppost that every dog pees on

I wish I could be rested with a 1 minute sleep


You are tired with 30 seconds work :joy:

I wish i would never need to sleep. No soo much work. I can enjoy my life… do what i want… lol :laughing:


Done, but you have to live your parents for the rest of your life!

I wish I could move to the UK


Done, but you will live under a bridge, nude, without food and being hunted for the dogs.

I wish pay all my bills.


Done but they were paid with fake money and you go to jail for paying with counterfeit money

I wish I could go to the meet and greet in pairs so I could meet Mike Shindoa


Jajaja good one!

Done! You meet a toy of Mike, but can’t buy it nor take a pic of it.

I wish have enough money to make a party to all the LPU family members. (The party would be in Mexico)


Wish granted: You’ll have all the money you need for a great party and the entire LPU family is there to party with you. But! And you know who else will be there?

Gaston will be the one to deliver the entertainment. All music - yes all music - will be performed by Gaston. The party will last as long as Gaston pleases, because no one parties like Gaston.

I wish for a white dress.


Wish generated But you get mud on it that won’t come out

I wish I could make a great adlum with the songs I wrote


Done. I am most happiest person! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thaaankkk youuuu! Dancing around in the houseeee! :house: :dancer::dancer: :joy:

I won’t ruin it… go ahead :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

I wish i could fly! :heart_eyes: I’d reach all your homes :joy:


I fancy coming back to this thread.

Granted, you take the longest possible route to everywhere on the slowest means of transport

I wish to be omniscient.


Oh yeah bro! Missed ya. Glad you are hear to ruin my wish! :smiley: Let’s revive the thread

Fine then you are omniscient. And you know everything. You can see all perceptions of any situation and can never take any decisions as you are always badly confused.

I wish to be immortal. Healthy. With good economic condition (lol not actually ha! :wink:)


wish granted- you will become immortal- but you stay at your actual age and become never mature :joy:

I wish to never have to do the laundry again


Granted. You’ll never have to do laundry again, because you’ll be a wearing a tutu for the rest of your life and cannot take it off.

I wish for a kek time.


This joke is dead :expressionless:




Wish granted- but you will be locked in a room with @the_termin8r forever - while he eats chicken :exploding_head: and plays the kek-song nonstop :joy: so you’ll have the kek- time of your life :joy::joy::joy:

I wish to win a m&g in Paris- :heart_eyes:


You’ve given me best gift everrrr!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thanks walkerrrr!


:joy:Lol - heeey yooooo dear :heart:️:heart:️ @Honey8 - now grant me my wish :crazy_face:dear buzzy :honeybee: