Make a wish- wish granted


Only one. You are not allowed to contest in any other then! No Mike’s show tickets for you too! :joy:


Awwww- :upside_down_face: but I’ll hug him then- :hugs: thanx dear :kissing_heart:


Aww you are mega sweet!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::hugs::hugs:


I wish to stop being numb.


Wish granted- but you will feel a neverending nausea instead :laughing:

(jk - but the sense of the game is to grant the wish but make the situation worse :stuck_out_tongue:- @Marilau - are you new here? Welcome to the lpu :sunny:️)

I wish that my chores were already done :sweat_smile:


Wish granted but now you have a million more

I wish I could already have my high school diploma


@theearlywalker yup I’m new, don’t worry anyway I know how the game works :wink: the neverending nausea seems so cruel!

@StephLP18 wish granted! But you’re going to lose it and do all the High School once again. If I were you I’d rather wait. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wish I will never get ill.


Done. But now the doctors will check you out to find the reason for why you don’t get sick. Yeah! That means a lot of weird things in your body.

I will I were more talk (1.72 now :confused:)


since im not sure if you wanna be more tall or more talkie (does this word even exists?) nd i am just a stupid genie,

Wish granted:

You talk more, more precisely you are talking non stop the whole Day!

I wish I could fall asleep forever


Granted, I put a bullet in your head.

I wish to be smart.


Mhhh can I conplain about that? Sleeping isnt dying :sweat_smile:

you are a even worse genie than me​:joy::yum:

Wish granted

You are smart now, compared to the 6 year olds in elementary school.

I wish i would be rich (money)


But permanent sleep is no different. You won’t be doing anything either way. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have infinite monopoly dollars

I wish to be bulletproof


Wish granted but you are now going to be stabed to death

I wish for peace and for every one just to get along


Granted, you get beamed to a new planet with a population of 1…you. Unless you have multiple personality disorder, it’ll be very conflict-free. :joy:

I wish to be an even bigger troll than I am already.


what is up with you guys, everyone trying to kill the other​:joy::joy:

more funny, first you wanna stab @the_termin8r to death and then you wish for peace :sweat_smile::rofl:

@the_termin8r wish granted

You are now looking like the troll from Harry Potter…big and ugly

I wish i would be just happy


Granted, every time you smile, it feels like you’re being tasered.

I wish to have a real lightsaber.


Wish granted …its broken

I wish i had a pod racer


Wish granted! You have it but it’s broken and not fixable! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I wish I could go to Mike’s show :heart:


Wish grated but your all the in back and can’t see or hear a thing

I wish I could travel the world


Not bad! Thank you for not completely ruin my wish! :blush:

Wish granted! You’ll travel the world… with a geography book…you’ll keep staying in your place!

I wish I could go to another place, maybe USA… :thinking: