Make a wish- wish granted


Granted but it’s 9:00 pm and you missed the super lecture with Elon Musk that day

Granted @IronSoldier16 but from up now you only get raw food to eat :joy:

I wish I had a castle


I said not before 09:00 lol

Fine by me

You do, it’s a sand castle

I wish I was shorter.


When do you sleep?!

3 ft hight

I wish i was 5’6" height


Granted - but you were timeshiftet to wonderland to be the new Alice :joy:

I wish I would never ever need to sleep again

Heeey @Honey8 :hugs::tada::kissing_heart:


Usually go to bed around 01:00 and wake up at different times due to uni, or around 11:00 on weekends.

Fine by me

You are…in your dreams.

You will feel the exhaustion from never sleeping but will never be able to sleep

I wish to have more motivation


Eyyyyy just going to bed angel! Sweet soul sis i miss ya :persevere::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::hugs:
See ya soon!! :heart::heart: Mega hugs!


Goodnight dear :hugs: sweet dreams :sleeping:


Done, you are the most motivated person in the world and everyone around you will be annoying you asking for advices.

I wish I could walk in the water.


I already get this.

In the water? You can already do that, you just wasted a wish. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish to levitate


Granted, you will levitate to the sun where its gravity will catch you and you’ll die burnt.

I wish I could eat for free in any restaurant without ending fat.


Every bite of food will feel like your tongue is being cut off with a blunt, rusty saw.

I wish that my blasted knee would stop hurting when I stand up.


Granted, some doctors will take it away.

I wish I could write with my feet.


Your hands get chopped off as a result

I wish to be able to type really quickly.


Done, you write like intheend now.

I wish meet Mike in person.


You’re deaf and blind.

I wish to eat dog.


Done, you will eat this one:


I wish everyone buy and enjoy my book.


I’m pretty sure that’s a pig, still looks good to me though.

It gets pirated. :joy:

Is it out yet?

I wish to not be miserable


No, but soon.

Done, you will pay for everything you built with you hands.

I wish write songs like Ace does.


You do, he writes in English, and so do you. :joy:

I wish to be more artistic


Done, but everyone will steal your art.

I wish draw better.